Thursday, July 31, 2008

Interview with Diana

Okay, this is just a random interview with Diana. Enjoy I guess lol.

Carlos: Good Morning Diana. How are you today?

Diana: Good, and You?

Carlos: I'm wonderful, Well first of all, I want to say congrats for winning the baseball championship, how did you guys do it?

Diana: well, it was cuz of me, THE STAR!

Carlos: Well we all know that is NOT the case. Well anyways, do you enjoy playing the game of baseball? The All-American Pastime

Diana: yes, i like it alot.. its like my favorite thing to do.. its all about hitting, catchin, throwning, sliding and all that baseball stuff and getting dirty!


Carlos: Yes I am sure it really is a fun thing to do. Well what are you doing now, that the season is over?


Diana: umm all i do it stay home, and do nothing.


Carlos: Well I am sure that is quite boring. How do you feel this year's summer vacation was less entertaining than last year's?


Diana: cuz i didnt go to mexico, *so many tears*


Carlos: Well we all know it was extremely fun, but in another subject, what are your plans for your incoming seventh grade year?


Diana: umm, i wanna do good in school, keep up my good grades, and have fun all year!


Carlos: Really? Well good luck, and we can all agree that 7th grade is really the funnest school year. Do you know what you are going to do with your life, after you graduate middle and high school?


Diana: umm, i havent thought of that yet, but what i forsure know is that im gonna go to college


Carlos: That is an extremely important thing to do; I really hope and wish you luck in pursuing your career. Well that's all the time I have today, it was a pleasure interviewing you today! Thanks for your time!


Diana: no, thank you! comment my new myspace pics! Visit Diana's myspace at  


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vacations are so boring!

Vacations this year are soooo boring, and seem to go on for ever! Last year;s vacations were somewhat fun. We went to mexico and had much fun there. It would rain every day, and me and my cousins would always have fun haha. I remember the day when me, cheo, Rana, and Sergio went Ding-Dong Ditching, and we almost got caught haha. And right after we were about to start running after knocking on a house, it started to pour, and we got so wet. Damn those were fun times lol.

But this year's vacations are cheapy. We didn't go anywhere, and I haven't even left the county since last year. :( I want to go to Six Flags or to Los Angeles. Damn I seriously can't wait for school to start haha. I know I'm going to have fore fun there, than being here doing nothing lol.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Best Books I’ve ever Read.

I have read a lot of books, but my favorite books are those written by R. L. Stine, especially those of the "Fear Street" series. My other personal favorite book is called "Esperanza Rising" by Pam Muñoz Ryan. Well today in my blog, I am going to be writing a little bit about these books.

Brief Summary:

Well since this is a series of books, there are a lot of different stories and scenarios. But basically, these books are about different teenagers facing different mysteries, such as someone getting killed, their friends disappearing, and usually when the mystery is solved, the person committing the crime is so unexpected, such as a teacher killing the students, or a jealous sister kidnapping her other sister's friends.

The thing I love about the "Fear Street" series is the way that the author implements fear and shocking twists into every page. These books are so well written that they suck you into the story, and make you feel as if you were part of the story. The other thing I like about these books is because the characters are teenagers, and other teenagers can relate to them. Overall, I think that these are great books to read, especially on a cold fall or winter day, and also, they are a great way to build up your vocabulary.

Next book that I am going to write about is "Esperanza Rising" by Pam Muñoz Ryan.

Brief Summary:

The story starts off with a young, rich girl that lives on a big vineyard farm in Aguascalientes Mexico. She thought she would always live a nice, happy life, surrounded by all her beautiful dresses and servants. But then one day right before her birthday, her father gets killed while repairing a fence in the outskirts of their ranch. Suddenly all her life caved in on her. Her mom, abuela, and Esperanza suddenly went from being on top of the world, to becoming third world citizens. After a while, Esperanza's two powerful uncles (one is the municipal president, the other runs a wealthy bank) Tio Luis, and Tio Jorge burn their home and try to convince her mother to marry one of them. After hearing this, Esperanza and her mother, along with their servants Alonso and his wife and son, flee to work the United States, where they settle down to work in horrible conditions in the busy agricultural town of Arvin, in California. After her mom gets real ill, she is forced to enter the work force.

The thing I find most interesting in this story is that coincidently, Aguascalientes (the Mexican state in which Esperanza lived) and her ranch, is 80 miles away from the town my parents grew up in, and where we go vacation. And oddly, the City of Arvin, where Esperanza and her mom settled down to work, is 80 miles away from the city I currently live in. This book is really a great book to read, especially if you are in the mood for a story that was based on a true story. This book is really cool!

My Favorite Snack: Frito Boats.

Frito Boats are flippin' delicious! I love to eat Frito Boats anytime, anywhere. When I sit down to watch a movie or do other things I always love to eat them, especially with a LOT of cheese. Here's the way I make them.


  1. One can of chili beans
  2. One bag of Fritos
  3. Grated Monterey Jack Cheese or Cheddar
  4. A medium-sized container of sour cream


First cook the beans in a saucepan. After you've done that pour some Fritos in a platter and pour the beans over the chips. Next add the cheese and sour cream, as much as you want.


Recipe made by Carlos!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Best Vacations I’ve Ever Taken

I have not taken a lot of vacations, but the top 5 vacations I have taken were to Six Flags Magic Mountain, Disneyland when I was 5, Disney's California Adventure, Santa Monica Beach, and my many trips to Mexico.


Number 5: Six Flags.

Well I have been to Six Flags Magic Mountain twice in my life, and I LOVED it.

The first time I went was in June 2007, for my 8th grade Graduation. I have to admit, I did not get on any roller coasters, because I was very scared of them, so I mostly went on Roaring Rapids, Log Jammers, and Tidal Wave (All the Water Ones haha). I was going to get on The Revolution with Veronica, Luis, and Esteban, but I ended up going to Roaring Rapids with Cecilia, Juan, Claudia, and Brittney. Well after we got bored, we decided to go to Superman, and while we were on the line, I was thinking on just waiting for my friends to go on the ride and get on the ride, but since I was causing a big scene right there, and having all those people telling me to get on and not be scared, (Brittney also got mad haha) I ended up just getting on the ride, and turns out, I LOVED it! We went on again and again haha.

The second time I went(with the FFA), I was going to get on Tatsu with my friends Raul, Claudia, and Brittney, but when I got to the ride, I chickened out, and I just waited for everyone to go once and get off. I felt bad for not going on with them, so I waited for the next ride, and I got onto Riddler's Revenge, and while it was going up on the hill, I felt so scared, I just wanted to get off, but once I felt the thrill of the first loop, I loved it. I wanted to get on, but we were on a tight schedule, so we went onto Viper and onto The Revolution, at last, I had no fear of Roller Coasters!!!!

Number 4: Disneyland.

I first went to Disneyland when I was 5. I don't remember much, but I remember that we had a lot of trouble getting to the theme park, because there was some roadwork on the freeway, and I was so sad, because I thought that I was never going to see Donald Duck. But then my dad asked some ladies that were having a Yard Sale, and thanks to them, we finally got there. I remember that when I got on Space Mountain, I actually thought that I flew into space (how childish haha). And also, I remember when we were first entering the park; I thought that it would sprawl on forever. I wanted to go to the Cinderella Castle because it looked so grand and majestic. Ever since that day, I have wanted to live there.

Number 3: Disney's California Adventure.

The first time I went to DCA, I was in seventh grade, and we had just gotten through our AYP and STAR testing. It was a great way to relax after our hard work, and boy was I right. We got on so many rides, including my favorite one, "Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror." That ride is bases on the movie of the same name. I remember being so scared, especially when the elevator got to the top, and we went down so fast, we got lifted off our seats.

Number 2: Santa Monica Beach.

We went to Santa Monica Beach in July 2001, and I absolutely loved it there. I remember looking for shells, and for sand crabs. I remember taking one home in a Gerber jar (it died that night though). I remember going onto the Santa Monica Pier and watching the sunset with my mom and dad and my little brothers. We were so happy that day. We were going to go again in September, but because of the September 11 attacks, we didn't go, because my mom was afraid to public places. But other than that, I think it was a marvelous trip.

Number 1: Mexico.

I love going to Mexico for trips. I enjoy spending time with my family over there. We always do retarded things, but we have so much fun. Last summer in June, we went and we did so many things, we went river swimming, we ate Pitayas, which is a native fruit only to a small area in the state of Zacatecas, and we also went shopping in Villa Hidalgo, were you can get a lot of expensive clothes for very cheap prices, because there are many clothing factories there, including factories that make things like Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, and many other brands. I have so many memories on my several trips to Mexico. I remember the time my mom got stung by a scorpion, and was paralyzed for a week. And also the time were me and my cousins' roasted marshmallows at my grandma's house. I Love Mexico!